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MyAlmanac is a free iPhone app for calculating the sunrise and sunset times for your current location or anywhere else in the world.

Use it for planning your next photo trip where you just want to catch that perfect sunrise or sunset.

...or use it to check if there is time for a round of golf before the sun sets.

...or use it to ensure you are ready in that perfect fishing spot just when the sun rises.

MyAlmanac allows you to easily display the sunrise and sunset times for your current location or practically any other known location in the world. Currently the database provides more than 8 million place names all over the world, so most likely your favorite spot is already in the database.

MyAlmanac keeps a list of your favorite locations so they are ready whenever your need to know the sunrise or sunset.

al´ma·naç, n. [Sp. almanac; L. almanac, probably from Ar. almanakh; al, the, and manakh, a calender.] a book or table, containing a yearly calendar of days, week, and months, with the times of the rising and setting of the sun and moon, changes of the moon, eclipses, hours of full tide, stated festivals of churces, tables of useful information, weather forecasts, etc. for the year.

Source: Webster's Dictionary of the English Language

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